STEM Tutoring

We offer tutoring programs in STEM subjects (all Key Stages, GCSEs, A levels and SATs). Each program is tailored to each student’s needs: whether that is levelling up or going ahead in a particular subject.

  • The lessons are private and conducted by Dr Ana Lucia Cruz (PhD in Robotics/STEM educator).
  • Currently all lessons are held ONLINE.
  • They can be held in English, Spanish or Italian.

Key Stage 1 & 2

A child’s first contact with the world of STEM can be (quite frankly) mesmerizing. We believe that at this stage, it is essential to use each child’s raw curiosity to motivate them in their learning journey. We offer tutoring programs in Maths, Science, and Computing.

Key Stage 3 & 4

The relationship between a student and a particular subject is affected by many variables: teachers, teaching methods, and also by themselves (their interests, talents, learning approach, and points of view). Our tutoring programs consider all of these variables to deliver personalized learning experiences that are relevant and engaging for each student. We offer tutoring programs in the main STEM subjects.

We also prepare students for their GCSEs (Maths, Physics and Computer Science), A levels, and SAT subject tests. Contact us for more information.